Examination centres are the only ones authorised to distribute the syllabi for the certificates offered by Global Input in their respective territories. Candidates can get exam preparation as well as take exams in any of the approved centres.

The network of examination centres is an innovative one whose purpose is to provide opportunities for development for the organizations which are part of the network independent of the country and area that they are in. We:
    - organize refresher courses for the staff;
    - prepare and provide the materials necessary for the centre to provide the services;
    - promote and organize methodology seminars for teachers.

Main or Satellite Centre?

We are creating a new network of centres taking into consideration the needs of different groups of users and their motivation. Our strategy is to give an opportunity to all linguistic centres, both small and big ones, in any part of the country, to become part of our academic network in order to promote Italian culture and organise educational and promotional events.

Main centres are the CELI centres who have the necessary requirements for hosting exam sessions on the premises (both written and spoken) after they have trained their staff. This makes them independent as examination centres as they have their own centre code and trained examiner.

Satellite Centres are the CELI centres that can host the written part of the exam whereas they refer their candidates to other centres for the spoken component, unless the number of candidates is high enough to cover the expenses of an oral examiner on the premises.

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